28 Mar

Eyelash extensions are an attractive cosmetic enhancement technique used to improve the volume, curl, length, and thickness of eyelashes naturally. The extensions can be made of many different materials such as synthetic, human, mink or horse hair. Eyelash enhancers can be applied by a professional or by a patient applying the enhancers at home using a kit. There are many types of extensions available. Extensions can either be synthetic or organic. Discover more about these extensions here. 

One of the most popular eyelash extension techniques is the eyelash extension by epilation. It provides long lasting, strong, thick and sexy lashes. The eyelash extension procedure consists of applying the mascara at the base of the lashes and then filling them in with eyelash enhancer. The enhancer is usually a mixture of silicone, saline or aloe vera.

To apply the mascara to the lashes first pull back the lashes with tweezers and lift them a few inches from the eye. Apply the eyelash extension enhancer to each lash. You may need several applications depending on the lashes you want to add. Once applied the glue should remain for approximately 90 seconds before being removed. Allow the glue to dry before freezing the remaining glue off the lashes. The new lashes should be beautiful, if you cannot apply them yourself you may want to have a professional make up artist perform the eyelash extension for you. Click here now for more info about eyelashes. 

Another popular way of improving the volume of your eyes is to have eyelash extensions placed. This method is becoming more popular because it does not require as much time and effort, but the results are more dramatic. Eyelash extensions use thin, long and colorful lashes that are added to the eye region. These lashes provide the eyelashes the appearance of longer and thicker than those found in natural human eyes.
Eyelash extensions can be worn daily or for special occasions. To wear eyelash extensions, you will need to find a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Once your chosen physician has confirmed that you qualify to have eyelash extensions, he or she will instruct you on the proper procedure, and the products that will be used during the procedure. Your surgeon will also explain the risks and benefits of eyelash extensions to you.

If you elect to have eyelash extensions your existing lashes will be cut off so that your new lashes do not appear unnatural. You will also be given a few weeks to adjust to the new look. You may want to visit your doctor at least two weeks before having the procedure to ensure that your eyelids are healthy. During the procedure the surgeon will put a little anesthesia in your eyes when making the initial incisions and will cover the incisions with a bandage. Your eyelashes will then be attached with clear cement, glue, or with individual lashes. Learn more about eye lashes here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/lash-extensions-tips-you-need-to-know_n_5a3be3c2e4b025f99e156c90.

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