How to Get Lash Extensions at a Beauty Salon

28 Mar

Eyelash extensions, also known as lash extensions or long lash extensions, are a popular beauty enhancement technique used to enhance the volume, curl, length, and thickness of naturally thick, long eyelashes. The extensions can be made of many different materials such as synthetic, human, mink, or horsehair. The human extensions are most commonly used for women who have thick, naturally curly eyelashes. The synthetic extensions are ideal for those with straight, thin lashes. Learn more about eyelashes here. 

Before you purchase eyelash extensions, you should carefully research each manufacturer in order to find one that contains safe, natural-sounding ingredients. The Internet is a great place to search because you will be able to find reviews and testimonials as well as contact information for the manufacturer. When shopping with a reputable retailer or manufacturer, you should always ask questions regarding the makeup and how it will be applied to your eyelashes.
The glue used to attach eyelash extensions is one of the most common causes of an allergic reaction. Glue sticks that are not labeled "permanent" often contain ingredients that can irritate the eyes. A common example is glue that contains toxic chemicals. If the stick is supposed to stay on the eyelashes for an extended period of time, you should choose a brand that contains only natural ingredients. The same goes if you have an allergic reaction to glue; discontinue use and seek a refund from the salon or makeup outlet where the product was purchased. For more info about eyelashes, click here!

Some products, such as mascara, are meant to be used longer than thirty seconds. If you use these longer lashes, you should ask the technician if the eyelash extension contains "semi-permanent glue." Semi-permanent glue is actually a rare chemical compound that lasts for two hours, during which time it does not irritate the eyelids. This rare compound is typically only found in eye serums and mascara that lasts for only thirty seconds to one hour. You can find both of these products at most salons. You may have to pay a bit more for this type of mascara, but it is worth the extra investment because it last longer.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing an eyelash extension product is that some of them can be used for up to six months in order to give you thicker, longer eyelashes. However, most eyelash extensions do not last for more than two hours at a time, unless they are applied under a medical eyelash liner. Some salon technicians may also be able to apply a semi-permanent glue to your eyelashes, but this service is often done by professionals who have been trained to do so and only at salon facilities.

The final step in the process is to use a mink liner with the glue that has been applied to your eyelashes. After the liner has dried, you will simply trim your extensions back to their starting point. This process is very easy to do, and all salon workers will be happy to assist you with it if necessary. A semi-permanent eyelash extension is the safest type, but a mink liner can ensure that your extensions will last a long time. Get more details about eyelashes here:

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